Ideal POS Systems

IdealPOS is the first choice for Point of Sale Software & Hardware

IdealPOS is exactly that, an ideal Point of Sale solution for your business. Supporting many different industry types including bars, cafes and restaurants, through to retail, hotels, dry cleaning and more, you can be confident that we will be able to handle your business in any situation.

If you sell items or services to customers, you want an ideal pos system to handle that. POS West can cater for your business requirements based on their over 11 years experience in the industry. Integrating with leading third-party software and hardware vendors, POS West has the solutions to help your business reach the goals you set out to achieve.


We supply everything your business needs to stay ahead of the pack. Touchscreen terminals are just the beginning. We also stock printers, card readers, card printing, and more, as well as the perishables to support them.


We pride ourselves on offering the features that give you a business advantage on your competitors. Being a company that listens closely to our clients, we have built many features into our software based on their recommendations and feedback.


Being able to use your new POS system or a new feature you just found in one you've been using for years is crucial. we have you covered from pre-installation through to your future success.


IdealPOS is Perfect for your business and many others

            Grocery Stores                                        Convenience Stores                                  Liquor Stores                                                    

                     Bars                                                   Restaurants                                             Retail