Protect Your Business from Fraud


Credit Card Fraud is a problem most of us do not think about - until it happens to You. If you provide the ability for your customers to pay be credit card whether it is e-commerce, virtual, face to face or mail order /phone orders you are susceptible to fraud. There are ways your can protect yourself from would be thieves.

  • Swipe or Insert Cards Whenever Possible - Most Credit Cards are embedded with Chip and Pins to protect the cardholder and you the business holder from fraud. When you manually key in a transaction you should take an imprint of the card, cardholder's signature , proper authorization from the card holder and your business information should be recorded.
  • Complete the Authorization - Verify the card holders signature and ensure the card is authorized before handing over merchandise
  • Ensure Cardholders Billing and Contact Information Matches for Card not present transactions - If a customers Shipping and Billing address are different you may need to contact the customer to verify. This can be a warning sign. Be sure to further investigate before sending out merchandise.
  • Examine the Orders - Watch for people who are eager to order whatever products you have, if they are spending an unusually high amount, if they are using more then one card to complete payment. Train your staff to watch for Red Flags
  • Each Card Brand has Specific Features - know what to look for - ASK for verification  AMEX - the 4 Digit CID number printed on the front of the card. VISA ask for the CVV2 code, MasterCard ask for the CVC2 Code located on the back of the card.

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